Ask better questions.


Seeing Around Corners An In-House Simulation

Gain strategic foresight by enabling teams to ask better questions.

I wholeheartedly recommend this event, not only is it a brilliant learning experience - it’s fun!

Caroline Carruthers, Chief Data Officer, Network Rail

Connectworxs® exists to help teams exploit data by asking better questions.

By combining military intelligence, user-centered design and years of enterprise transformation experience we built the ADAPT Framework™ to help teams build the muscles required to exploit data.

Through inspiring simulations, nano learning and team coaching we build your capability. This is backed up with Connectworxs® Technology that connects your organization's data to value, makes teams ask better questions and inspires insight-sharing across your organization, all with built in measurement.

We believe that by effectively connecting domain and data expertise, you will gain strategic foresight and ultimately business value.


Fuelling Ideas & Growth

Strategic precision

Achieve a heightened level of understanding in a world of unprecedented uncertainty. Foresee customers’ and employees’ future needs and innovate ahead of change.

Breaking data silos

Through a shared language, tools and framework, close the gap between the production and consumption of advanced analytics, and leverage success with analytics across the organisation.

End-to-end analytics

Enable all leaders and teams to build the mindset to ask questions to data, and move away from top-down analytics, towards an end-to-end intelligence community.

Increase business trust in analytics

Strengthen connections between domain and analytics expertise by building a single source of truth, aligned to strategic ambitions and business value.

Discovering Future Growth.


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