Creating an Intelligent World

Driving cognitive diversity in teams and closing the gap between business and data talent.

Why Connectworxs?

Ask better questions

Drive alternative thinking and cognitive diversity in teams.

Connect to data

Ask better questions & collaborate with your data talent.

Break silos

Share insights that immediately add value to your business.

Inspire a data culture

Taking lessons from military intelligence, culture transformation and digital innovation, Connectworxs supports teams to think differently and anchor data into their decision-making.
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...a practical way to changing how your company thinks about and acts on data. Recommended for anyone looking to build a data-driven culture across their business.

Ryan Den Rooijen, Head of Data @ Dyson

Who We Work With

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Book & Keynote Speaking

Keynote speaking from Graham Hogg, award winning author of Seeing Around Corners, former Royal Marines Intelligence Officer and our Founder & CEO.
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Seeing Around Corners

Seeing Around Corners

How to unlock the potential of Big Data.

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Start unlocking the potential of Big Data, immediately.