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... is what happens when you combine military intelligence exploitation with digital innovation.

Why Connectworxs?

Graham's stories, background and insights around data are fascinating to listen to.

Graeme McDermott, Chief Data Officer, Addison Lee


Graham began his career as a Royal Marines Officer, specialising in Intelligence. This experience led him to the belief that teams that ask better questions to data will fuel growth for their organisations. He has spent the last 15 years helping leaders and teams anchor data into decision-making. As CEO of Connectworxs, he is passionate about helping organisations achieve growth by creating the right data-driven culture.

Toby is a computer scientist passionate about ideas, design, technology and people. His career has centred around enabling organisations and people get the most of technology by championing agile, designing experiences, building infrastructures and delivering software. As Chief Product Officer, his overall focus is on building user-centred software that fits into people's everyday.

Story Telling Inspiration

Graham is the author of the book Seeing Around Corners: how to unlock the potential of Big Data. The books discusses how it is through team behaviours that organizations will build the right data-driven culture to achieve their ambitions.

Graham believes that the role of leadership in the information age is to provide a clear and compelling purpose that can act as a handrail for teams to plan and execute strategy against, using data.

He draws on his unique background in military intelligence, strategy consulting and analytics to present research, personal experiences and case studies, in an engaging and practical format.

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  • Combining experiences from the author’s time in Afghanistan with powerful corporate examples, Seeing Around Corners is a practical guide to changing the way your company thinks about and acts on data.

    Ryan Den Rooijen
    Head of Data, Dyson
  • In Seeing Around Corners, Graham Hogg has leveraged his background in military intelligence to lay out a compelling and practical argument as to why organizations in today's complex business environment need to shift from an execution mindset to a discovery mindset.

    Martin Reeves
    Director, BCG Henderson Institute and author of "Your Strategy Needs a Strategy"

Keynote Speaking

Keynotes by Graham on his past experiences and how to unlock the potential of data.

Seeing Around Corners

Seeing Around Corners

In this emotive talk, Graham shares his front line experience of leading teams in Afghanistan and how connecting decision making to data enabled teams to adapt and overcome challenges.

Seeing Around Corners

Winning in Complexity

Graham shares his experiences in operating in a complex environment and how using data to fuel understanding will drive growth for business.

Seeing Around Corners

Innovation on the Front Line

Graham talks about how the democratization of data in business through technology must be met with building the right capability in front line teams to ask better questions to data.

Leadership & Teams

Building Messy Teams

Graham talks about how leaders must create the right environment for messy and challenging conversations in teams to challenge bias, group think and heuristics.

Leadership & Teams

7 Frames of Discovery Driven Leadership

Following extensive research with over 2000 leaders, Graham shares the 7 frames of Discovery Driven Leadership. The platform for a data-driven organisation.

Unlocking the Potential of Big Data

Asking Better Questions

Big Data has has no value unless anchored into a decision. To unlock the real potential of data we need to equip business teams to ask relevant and important questions that are aligned to their Purpose.

Unlocking the Potential of Big Data

Data Science is a Team Sport

How do we close the gap between business and data science through everyday rituals and team behaviours?

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