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Connectworxs redefines how teams explore business value, by driving critical thinking & hypotheses-led questioning, and by intelligently sharing the output. Founded in 2016 and inspired by digital innovation and military intelligence exploitation.

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Diagram explaining Asking better questions

Asking better questions

Asking better questions and unlocking the potential of data is a team sport. We have focused our methodologies and product design on helping teams be critical thinkers and weave alternative perspectives into their exploration.

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Part of your everyday

By integrating Connectworxs across popular collaboration and social tools, we have provided a solution that has rapid impact. What would it mean for your teams to think more critically about their most important decision-making?

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Supporting your success

We have built Connectworxs to be easy to rollout. We have teamed up with a global network of implementation partners that can help ensure the successful integration and adoption of Connectworxs.

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Where does it come from?

Lessons learned from Military Intelligence in a complex world. Seeing Around Corners, an award-winning book on how team culture is the driving force behind value creation from data. Written by our CEO and founder, Graham Hogg.
Seeing Around Corners

Seeing Around Corners

How to unlock the potential of Big Data.

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  • Combining experiences from the author’s time in Afghanistan with powerful corporate examples, Seeing Around Corners is a practical guide to changing the way your company thinks about and acts on data.

    Ryan Den Rooijen
    Head of Data, Dyson
  • In Seeing Around Corners, Graham has leveraged his background in military intelligence to lay out a compelling and practical argument as to why organizations in today's complex business environment need to shift from an execution mindset to a discovery mindset.

    Martin Reeves
    Director, BCG Henderson Institute and author of "Your Strategy Needs a Strategy"

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New York & London, but with global reach.
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