How to use Connectworxs

Some examples of how our clients are using Connectworxs and getting immediate value.

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Connectworxs helps you discover new ways to serve your customers better.

Connectworxs helps clients build understanding around the key business issues that are unique to them. Better understanding leads to better decision-making.

Whether you’re an HR professional in Healthcare or a regional sales leader in CPG, Connectworxs surfaces better questions and insights with teams every day, sharing them with those that need to know.

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Regional VP in Retail with the business challenge to increase customer satisfaction in order to increase loyalty.

Teams use Connectworxs to diversify their thinking by following simple Data Teaming techniques like Key Assumptions Check, Outside-In Thinking or What If Analysis.

By structuring their thinking in different ways, Connectworxs helps these teams uncover gaps in their understanding and formulate questions and insights.

These questions and insights can be shared to data talent or to those that might benefit, enabling targeted collaboration and value to be recognised immediately.

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Chief Data Officer in CPG with the business challenge of getting more value out of the data resources by getting closer to the business.

Connectworxs enables the Chief Data Officer to have both a broad and detailed understanding of what business teams, across the organisation, need to know.

Through the use search, you can find out what teams, functions, geographies are asking. These questions may spark a collaboration between business team and data talent that results in an insight.

These insights can be pushed to other teams across the business that can benefit. This is called intelligence exploitation.

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Global Director of Talent in Pharma with the business challenge of building a data culture across the organisation.

Connectworxs pushes teams to think in a more data-driven way everyday. True motivation to do this comes from the connection to the business - through the asking and sharing of questions and insights that result in effective collaboration and better decisions.

However, when delivering any kind of change within large enterprise organisations, a key ingredient is inspiration.

Connectworxs enables HR teams to inspire their people - whether through onboarding programmes, recruitment programmes, intact teams or at conferences - with easy-to-run, engaging and fun digital simulations.

Messaging can be customised for maximum impact and the simulations can be scaled easily.

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