A handrail for sustaining a data culture

Simple digital tools that teams can use every day to ask better questions, make better decisions & share insights.

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It was very clear to see how data without a clear question is useless.

Systems Engineer, Global Technology Company

Diagram explaining The ADAPT Cycle™

The ADAPT Cycle™

Industrialise a common language throughout your organisation, at every level, in every meeting and planning session to act as a handrail for teams.

Promote the functional fusion of business leaders and data throughout your organisation, where business decisions are “Leader led & data fed”.

Establish a true symbiotic relationship between your business and data functions.

Diagram explaining Data-Driven Thinking

Data-Driven Thinking

Plans are based on assumptions... assumptions are based on understanding... the better the understanding, the better the plan.

In everyday meetings and leadership interactions, your teams will challenge assumptions, faulty logic or flawed analysis. By building a broader understanding, they will be able to identify bias, group think and flawed assumptions and become data-driven.

Building these effective rituals, your teams will only work with the data that is going to build business value.

Point of Need Support

Connect data questions to your purpose.

Techniques that catalyse new thinking.

Techniques to challenge assumptions and bias.

Guidance for running better data meetings.

Inspiration through stories from your business.

Enable your teams to get the support and guidance they need, when they need it.