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It was very clear to see how data without a clear question is useless.

Director, Global Technology Company

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Facilitation & Coaching

Our expert coaches come from a military intelligence background and have been handpicked from the best that the US and UK militaries have to be motivational, engaging and different.

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Train The Trainer

Our train-the-trainer programme that gives you complete control and cost effective scalability. Utilise your own resources to facilitate inspiring experiences, coach data-driven techniques and support your leaders through the Connectworxs Platform.

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Custom Experiences

Co-create or customise experiences and resources that perfectly suit your audiences. Our R&D team of learning specialists, designers and developers are here to support you.

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Keynote Speaking

Inspire your leaders through engaging stories from our CEO & Founder, author of Seeing Around Corners, and former Royal Marines intelligence officer, Graham Hogg.

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Seeing Around Corners

Learn about how teams can learn to be more data-driven by utilising the following:
  • The ADAPT Cycle™
  • Messy Teams
  • Data Driven Leadership

Learn how to unlock the potential of Big Data

Seeing Around Corners

Seeing Around Corners

The book, arriving in November 2017.

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