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Digital platform for inspiring, coaching, supporting and measuring teams to be data-driven. Rapid & cost-effective.

Really exciting, challenging and engaging experience.

Learning & Development, Goldman Sachs University

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Experiences that Inspire

Our simulations deliver powerful experiences that drive engagement and inspire teams to work closely with data to continuously improve their understanding. Our simulations can be run with small teams, in-house or remote, or as a conference experience.

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Experiential Learning

Our experiences inspire data-driven behaviours to: Increase team performance; Plan and execute strategy; Increase efficiency and optimisation across your teams; Disrupt markets. They are challenging and fun.
  • Custom Made
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Point of Need Support

In everyday meetings and leadership interactions, your teams must challenge assumptions, faulty logic or flawed analysis. They must build a broader understanding so they can identify bias, group think and flawed assumptions. Better understanding means better decisions.

Our simple yet powerful digital platform guides and supports teams on this quest to be more data-driven. It is a handrail to uncover and overcome the critical obstacles to performance.

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Platform for Change

The platform's digital coach provides regular but light support and encouragement straight to your inbox, driving the use of simple yet game-changing techniques that improve the quality of daily interactions.

With continuous measurement of both individuals and teams on the skills and behaviours they are learning, we drive continuous improvement.

Who's the platform for?

For individuals, teams and organisations.
  • Critical thinking techniques
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Fuelling growth & innovation

Continuous Innovation

Military intelligence and design thinking.

Give your teams the support to make effective data culture a reality.