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Diagram explaining Consulting Partners

Consulting Partners

The Connectworxs Platform changes behaviour everyday by helping teams ask better questions and share insights. This is supporting by digital simulation experiences that help inspire teams to think differently about data. Both perfectly compliment any Data Culture Transformation effort. Our consulting partners benefit by engaging, motivating and supporting their clients' teams, adding value to their transformation plans.

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Technology Partners

Technology plays a significant role in building a Data Culture and democratising data. Connectworxs helps build the right behaviours in teams to get maximum value from your technology. Building technology partnerships can truly demonstrate this kind of synergistic value is hugely important to us and to the ability for organisations to unlock the huge potential of data.

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Diagram explaining Channel Partners

Channel Partners

Talent Acquisition companies play a significant role in building a Data Culture by delivering the required advanced skillset to businesses to work with data. The Connectworxs platform drives engagement between business teams and data talent, helping the data talent resources joining our clients add more value.

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