Graham Hogg

Founder & CEO

Graham has spent the last 15 years helping leaders and teams anchor data into decision making. As the leader of Connectworxs, he is passionate about helping organisations achieve growth by creating the right data driven culture to achieve their ambitions.

Graham began his career as a Royal Marines Officer, specializing in Intelligence. This experience led him to the belief that holistic thinking and flatter decision-making structures within organisations lead to success. Establishing a simple and consistent way of using data across the organisation, helps leaders achieve a heightened level of strategic accuracy. Graham believes that the right synchronisation of experience and data is crucial to achieve a data driven culture.

The role of leadership, is to fuel the pace of adaptability by enabling teams at all levels to plan and execute strategy faster than their competitors using data.

He then followed his curiosity for business by becoming a specialist in Organsiational Development and Transformation. For the past 7 years he has been living between London and New York as a consultant working with organisations and senior teams seeking growth, with clients including Anheuser Busch, American Standard, Johnson & Johnson, Heineken, Grohe, and Diageo amongst others.

Outside of work Graham enjoys long distance endurance sports competing in Ironman triathlons; running, swimming or biking whenever he can.

Graham holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.

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