Fuelling Growth Through Foresight

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Your Strategy for Getting Value from Big Data & Discovering New Growth Opportunities.

Connectworxs helps clients build understanding around the key business issues that are unique to them, surfacing growth opportunities with their teams every day.

Through sharing insights and best practice across industry and sector teams - whether you’re an HR professional in Healthcare or a regional sales leader in CPG, the Connectworxs community of knowledge and expertise is right with you.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

For the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, we understand that disruption is happening and competition is as fierce as ever. That is why enabling business leaders to use data to understand what your customers will want is crucial to competitive advantage.

Connectworxs enables this foresight as well as building insight sharing capabilities and behaviors across your brands throughout your organization.

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Pharmaceutical Products

For the Pharmaceutical Products industry, we understand that patients and consumers have catapulted ahead of the organizations that serve them and demand high availability and immediate value. Enabling business leaders to use data to better understand the future needs of your customers will be crucial to success and survival.

Connectworxs supports teams to build a better understanding of what is important and ask better questions to data.

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For the Retail industry there is more competition every day and consumer behaviour is changing faster than big, traditional, retailers can cope with. Online and convenience retail is growing, while sales in large stores is dwindling. Retailers can compete through understanding and speed - enable your teams to ask better questions, share critical insights and enact change themselves. Become a network.

Connectworxs supports teams to make better data-driven decisions rooted in more complete understanding.

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