Ask Better Questions

Founder & CEO, former Royal Marines Intelligence Officer, Graham Hogg, tells a compelling story that inspires teams to ask better questions...

Inspiration through Story Telling

I wake up every single day to inspire teams to ask better questions.

Graham Hogg

Graham has spent the last 15 years helping leaders and teams anchor data into decision-making. As Founder & CEO of Connectworxs, he is passionate about helping organisations achieve growth by creating the right data-driven culture.

Graham began his career as a Royal Marines Officer, specialising in Intelligence. This experience led him to the belief that teams that ask better questions to data will fuel growth for their organisations.

He believes that the role of leadership in the information age is to provide a clear and compelling purpose that can act as a handrail for teams to plan and execute strategy against, using data.

For the past 7 years he has been living between London and New York and has worked internationally with organisations and senior teams seeking growth. Leveraging his military experience, Graham believes that immersing teams through an experience is the most effective way to drive behavioural change.

"Seeing Around Corners helps you do more than that. With vivid case studies and original insights it skilfully weaves together big data and decision making to create a business culture that will thrive."

Steven D'Souza, Associate Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford, co-author of Not Knowing and Not Doing

Seeing Around Corners

Seeing Around Corners

Seeing Around Corners

The book, arriving in November this year.

Graham has recently written a book, Seeing Around Corners; A practical guide to building a data culture, and exploit it for business success.

Cleverly linking data and decision-making, he presents a new decision-making paradigm which will forge the way to helping organisations build a data-driven culture.

Graham is available for public speaking on any scale, be it in a leadership team or conference hall. His stories really hammer home the importance of data-driven behaviours.

Start inspiring your data culture today.