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Connectworxs provides a structured approach to challenge assumptions, think differently, and drive growth.

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Diagram explaining Ask better questions.

Ask better questions.

Empower your teams to be hypothesis-led, utilize structured thinking to challenge assumptions, provoke alternative perspectives and uncover knowledge gaps. Get more value from data by asking better questions.

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Diagram explaining Relish change. Be agile.

Relish change. Be agile.

Strive for organizational agility. Enable your teams to respond to customer needs and change with the support of iterative technology.

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Diagram explaining Power-up your hive-mind

Power-up your hive-mind

No one is as smart as everyone. Leverage cross-functional thinking to multiply the value of the work you do. Intelligently connect teams of critical thinkers from across your organization to power speed and agility. Create new opportunities and avoid disruption.

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Diagram explaining Turbocharge existing tools.

Turbocharge existing tools.

Maximize outcomes by embedding critical thought and better decision-making into the tools that you already use. Integrate with Slack, Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Tableau and more.

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Diagram explaining Privacy & Security.

Privacy & Security.

We take your privacy and security extremely seriously. With tight policies on data protection, data security and enterprise architecture, you are in safe hands with Connectworxs.

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