Why Connectworxs?

Challenge assumptions, overcome bias and get more value from data.

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This has helped me understand how to break down what I need to know and drive end results better and faster.

Systems Engineer, DellEMC

Diagram explaining It's the future of teamwork

It's the future of teamwork

The Data Teaming Techniques page guides teams to choose a structured thinking technique that will add immediate impact.

Connectworxs helps teams uncover gaps in understanding, formulating better questions to data and making all that data work towards business value.

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Diagram explaining It's all about meetings

It's all about meetings

Techniques give teams a handrail in meetings to uncover gaps in their understanding and ask better questions.

Through simple guidance and use cases, Connectworxs helps teams use data everyday.

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Diagram explaining Connect to data talent

Connect to data talent

Drive collaboration through Groups - drive for contextual understanding and share relevant questions and insights.

Close the gaps that exist between business and analytics teams by providing a handrail to have effective business conversations around data.

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Diagram explaining Break silos

Break silos

Search, filter and be notified of the insights and the ongoing collaboration happening around the business.

Experience from front line business teams can be shared across silos where they will have maximum impact.

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Diagram explaining Inspire through experiences

Inspire through experiences

Inspire teams to work more closely with data through Connectworxs digital simulations. Run these experiences with small or large teams, in-house or remote, or at a conference.

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Have better meetings, ask better questions, make better decisions.