Seeing Around Corners

Our powerful digital simulations transform how teams in your organisation engage with data to drive customer value.

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A fun & collaborative experience, challenging assumptions with a very enjoyable practical exercise. Would highly recommend the Connectworxs team.

Ross Porter, Pre-sales Director, DellEMC

Digital Simulations

Our digital simulations deliver powerful experiences that drive engagement. We inspire teams to work closely with data to improve their understanding of how to create value.

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Experiential Learning

Our simulations are designed against real world competitive situations, such as motor racing, sailing or industry-disrupting startups. We use Kolb's experiential learning cycle (do, reflect, learn, plan) to simulate real world obstacles and solutions to data-driven behaviour.

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Diagram explaining Experiential Learning

Learn, Innovate & Be Inspired Together.

Teams are put through an immersive, fast-paced, unexpected, and fun experience. Close the gap between business teams and data by bringing talent from across your business to learn, innovate and be inspired together.

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Handrail for Data-Driven Thinking.

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I wholeheartedly recommend this event, not only is it a brilliant learning experience - it’s fun!

Caroline Carruthers, Chief Data Officer, Network Rail

A fascinating, enjoyable, fun and stimulating session with like-minded individuals.

Graeme McDermott, Chief Data Officer, Addison Lee

Give your teams the support to make effective data culture a reality.