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Our mission is to slay the dragons of the traditional consulting industry. We deliver value to our clients by providing them with the products and tools to be successful when we leave.

We Build Leaders for the Future

Building inspirational experiences is at the center of everything that we do, from human interaction to our products and solutions.

If you want to climb the mountain with us, then we invite you to apply for our upcoming selection.

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We Fight for Greatness Every Day

Our advantage comes from our diversity, expertise, and courage.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of strategists, experiential learning specialists, designers and product developers. We seek out curious minds passionate about making a difference.

We value diversity, passion and people who care deeply about their impact in the world.

Why Connectworxs?

You’ll be exposed to big challenges.

Through our client interactions, the work will challenge and stretch you— you will get the opportunity to demonstrate your skills to some of the most influential leaders, teams, and organisations in the world.

You’ll grow.

We believe in giving you autonomy but you will need to exceed our clients' expectations. We’re a team that values what you bring —your talents, your experience, and your ambitions for growth.

You’ll be surrounded by the best.

We are experts in our fields. We come from some of the most challenging environments on the planet, the best academic institutions and the frontier of innovation and thought leadership. This is more than a career step or expanding your network, it’s forging relationships with people who inspire you.

Your work will have positive impact.

At Connectworxs, we engage with the biggest problems we can find. In whichever capacity you join us, you’ll contribute to our aspiration for positive impact in the societies that we serve.

You’ll be exposed to a diverse team of smart people.

We make diversity central to our practice and all of our work. You will be in the business of pushing teams to think differently.

Are you ready to push your limits?