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ADAPT Framework ™

ADAPT is a framework for data-driven decision-making - it helps teams Align to what's important and understand business context quickly; Provides a simple language to support forward looking questions to Data; Improves the interaction between domain and analytics expertise through team Analysis; Helps teams Pivot to better decisions (data over gut); and Translates insights to those that need to know, building a Data "push" culture across the business.

This framework lies at the centre of everything that we do, and it is though the daily use of its principles, rituals and social operating mechanisms that enable teams to build a sustainable data-driven set of behaviours.

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1-Day Simulations

Inspire your teams to start using ADAPT™ immediately through real world case studies and your own business challenges.

You will take away an understanding of how to create data-driven behaviours in your team, as well as access to simple and effective resources that get you going immediately.

Our simulations take teams through the most exciting and famous 24hr car race on the planet - Le Mans - designed by a former Champion. Watch this video!

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Connectworxs® Cloud Academy

The Connectworxs® Cloud Academy enables you to achieve scale immediately. You will have access to a digital cloud-based portal housing ADAPT Framework resources, guides, checklists, trigger questions, case studies and more. You will have access to bitesize course material and regular live webinars that anyone in your organisation can use. There is a huge repository of FAQs and a help-desk manned 24/7 to answer any queries you may have from our Cloud Academy experts.

The Cloud Academy also gives your organisation access to a live community of thought leaders and experts in data culture, that provides a stream of insights and inspiration. Over time, this network becomes your own and the stream will contain your organisation's insights, as well as those from outside. (nb. your own insights are private).

Push insights to the right team at the right time to drive business value.

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Certified Experts On-demand

Connectworxs® provides a global resource pool of certified coaches, facilitators and trainers from diverse backgrounds including military intelligence, sector specialists and expert coaches, to help you sustain your data-driven transformation at scale.

We build capability through a train-the-trainer approach, sustaining Connectworxs® effectiveness across your business.

Connectworxs® is here to inspire you to get started, and help you scale and sustain your data-driven culture.

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