Military Intelligence + Design Thinking

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Connecting an organisation’s purpose and ambition to its advanced analytics skill set.

Simple and scalable tools help our clients form a constantly evolving view of what’s important to them.

Built from our experience, Connectworxs will guide you and your data and analytics teams to support the decision making of your leaders.

Meet Connectworxs Video

Areas of Expertise

Data Science Talent

We work with you to help your data science capability interpret business challenges. The quality of interaction of this skill set and business leaders will determine big data success.

Big Data ROI

To the individual and team level, we are able to use our unique IP to help Executives measure a return on investment and exploit advantage and best practice across the organisation.

Establishing Data Validity

Leveraging our extensive experience and research in this area, we help you align data collection to the strategic direction of your business, so the right insights get to the right teams at the right time. Herein lies the source of enterprise wide adaptability.

Governance & Quality Controls

We fully support the democratisation of analytics in organisations. From the start of our engagement we clarify ownership, role clarity and business connections with your data function.

Sustainable Capabilities

Through our products, you maintain continuity in your teams, so that connectivity throughout your organisation is a sustainable strategic asset.

Leadership Team

Fusing together the best of military intelligence, leadership development and human-centred design to enable rapid and scalable transformation.

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