Military Intelligence + Design Thinking

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Don't use data to change your organisation. Change your organisation to use data.

Our team has a shared passion to spearhead the Big Data revolution through people and organisational skill.

Connectivity through people inspires us, and we gravitate towards people who want to lead the Big Data movement in the organisations of which they are part.

Connectworxs is a values-driven company. We are dedicated to making Big Data and advanced analytics available to all sectors and societies globally.

Meet Connectworxs Video


Talented people from any walk of life are welcome here. Our diversity is our competitive advantage.

Graham Hogg, Founder and CEO

Our History

We are experts in the fields of organisational development, military intelligence, and human-centered design.

We came together through a passion to connect these experiences for the benefit of the people we work with and unlock the potential of the Data economy.

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Through our interactions with clients globally and the unique expertise that we bring, we are developing a community of leaders inspired to improve their industries using data – one decision at a time…

Our approach

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